Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photos of Grenada: A show and viewing

Friends, supporters of photography, photography novices (like yours truly), there will be a show at the Middleton Art and Framing beginning in March. If you've never been there, oh, great art work and fantastic frames. Go visit Marty, Ady and Erin at 6771 University Ave., Middleton. Call 203-6196 if you have questions about art and/or framing. Below are a few of the photos to be on display at my first major public show (the photos, though, are currently on display at Memorial High School's Dahmer Art Space). Theme: Grenada!
Steve Braunginn

First photo: Courtyard (c)2012
Second: Sisters braiding hair (c)2012
Third: Flaming Paradise (c)2012

These are currently for sale. I'm hoping to have a more formal photo website up and going soon. For now, this is where you find this. If you want to purchase, email me and we can begin discussions. Support a novice photographer. A new future for me. It's bold, strong in subject, minimalist in composition, naturally emotive. 

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